Criccieth Golf Club is a site that is dedicated to the very best and amazing golf courses of Las Vegas, Nevada. As we all know, Las Vegas is the home of casinos and resorts, but it is also home to some of the most luxurious and lush green golf courses in the world.

Designed by some of the best architects of our time, you will find amazing sceneries, limo rides, in-house casinos and amazing cuisines. This blog was started with the purpose of sharing helpful tutorials and guides on golf courses in the land of dreams – Las Vegas.

No matter which golf course you are looking to know more about, there is something for everyone here. It is highly recommended that you learn more about the amenities and services that are offered on the property before you book a suite.

Golf is widely considered to be a gentleman’s game. Las Vegas is widely considered to be a land of dreams where people come to party hard, and then relax later. That is why the charm of a luxury resort with a casino and a golf course is so high. What better way to relax after a night of partying hard then to play a game of golf with friends and family members.

We hope you will enjoy your time here reading about golf courses and the joy that it brings. Do come back to the site as we will continue to profile and list more golf courses in Las Vegas.