Best Golf Courses in the World

Golf is an amazing sport and there are a number of golf clubs around the world, but some of them simply stand out for their sheer scenic beauty, game play, and amenities. Here are top 10 golf courses from around the world.

Sebonack Golf Club – New York

Sebonack Golf Club has managed to attract a number of members, most of them elite, to pay a hefty fee of $650,000 in membership fees. Apart from the amazing courses that they have to offer to their members, part of the charm is the exclusivity factor. Critics have come out to praise the golf course for taking a confident stance by creating a golfing course that is as challenging as it is entertaining.

St. Andrews Links – Scotland

St. Andrews has often been billed as one of the most famous golf courses in the world, and for all the right reasons too. There are as many as six courses that are available to the public, of which; Old Course seems to be the most famous one.

It is named so because of its historical importance in inspiring other golf courses around the world for more than a few centuries. It offers large double greens that are equally shared by two holes each making it a unique course offering.

Pebble Beach – California

Pebble Beach golf course received a lot of praises from the critics as well as critical fame from the mass for being one of the best-constructed golf courses in the world. Pebble Beach is often used for professional tournaments making it home to some of the most well-known faces in the golfing world. The most recent tournament that was conducted here was the US Open Championships.

There are other golf courses that are worth a mention like the Pine Valley that is located in New Jersey and Seminole and Florida.

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