History of Golf

Although it is still unclear as to where exactly the game of golf was invented, historians and players have largely come to accept that the sport was developed in the Netherlands in the Middle Ages.

It was only in the 19th century that Golf found international recognition and tournaments were organised starting with the UK and then in the US.

Modern day golfing that people have come to love and accept was originally developed in Scotland. In fact, Scotland has a tradition of playing with several different forms of stick and ball games for centuries, and golf was just another sport that they developed.

In fact, golf was documented as early as in the 1457 Act of the Scottish Parliament. Thomas Kincaid was a medical student who recorded his findings in a diary. He used to play golf with his friends on the grounds of Bruntsfield located near the Edinburgh University. In the diary, he has been quoted as describing his golf strokes in great detail. Although his style of playing is different from modern day golfing techniques, the resemblance is unmistaken.

Prince of Wales, Henry Frederick, used to play golf with his friends as well as courtiers at the golf club of Blackheath, London. This is where golf started gaining popularity in the UK. Many immigrants, as well as soldiers, took to the game of golf and from there; it started spreading to other parts of the world.

In the US, the earliest recorded entry of golf can be found in the form of a record that contains shipment details of a shipping consignment that was meant for a William Wallace, who lived in South Carolina.

It was the 19th century however, that saw the game go commercial and increase in popularity. Today, there are tournaments held across the world for this amazing sport that is largely considered as gentleman’s game.

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