Rules of Golf

Golf is a gentleman’s game and like any other sport, it has certain rules. Let’s take a look at some important golf rules you must always adhere to:

  • You are not allowed to carry more than 14 sticks in your golfing bag. That is a rule and not following it or breaking it will cost you a two-stroke penalty. So always check your bag and count your sticks before you leave for the ground.
  • So what happens if your ball falls off the tee? Simple to answer, this one. You simply pick it and put it right back where it belongs. But what happens if you tried hitting the ball and it falls off after that? In that case, you will have to play from right where the ball has fallen. It will be counted as a shot.
  • If you are playing a casual game of golf with your friends, pretty much anything and everything is considered normal. But, if you are playing in a competitive sport, you cannot give or take advice from anyone. There is a penalty of two strokes if this rule is broken.
  • There are two types of hazards and they are marked differently. A water hazard is marked in yellow while the lateral hazard is marked in red. If you do not have a clean shot from either of the hazards, it is recommended that you don’t play, otherwise, you will receive a one stroke penalty.
  • Imagine a situation where your ball is resting under a tree behind a small breakable branch. You may think that it is normal to break that branch and play your damn shot, but that is against the rule. You cannot break or remove anything that grows naturally.

So, these were some of the most important rules of golf, and although the list is not exhaustive, you must remember them all the same.

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