Top Masters Controversies that Shook the World

Every sport has seen its fair share of controversies and golf is no different. Here are some of the biggest controversies that shook the world:

Arnold Palmer and Ben Hogan – 1958

Ben Hogan was already a legend while Palmer was just a rising star. They played a practice match after match, after which the two of them were supposed to have lunch together. Hogan chose to sit at another table, breaking the rules, and wondered aloud – “This Palmer, how did he get in the Masters?”

Ken Venturi and Arnold Palmer – 1958

That very same year, Arnold Palmer found himself in another controversy when in the 12th round, his tee got shot on the number 12 right in the bunker. Palmer was denied a drop which irked him because he then went for a double bogey.

Venturi felt cheated and said that this had affected his concentration because the officials later decided to give Palmer credit for that par. That was the first time Palmer won a major.

Jack Whitaker – 1966

Whenever there is a masters, you know where to tune into – CBS. Jack Whitaker was announcing when he decided to call the large galleries found at the Augusta National as a “mob scene”. He was subsequently met with a harsh punishment of a five-year ban. He later returned to do the announcing in the year 1972.

Tiger Woods – 2013

Tiger Woods, arguably one of the greatest golfers of all time, found himself tied for the position of the lead. He swung but unfortunately, the ball caught off the pin and went straight into the water. He was given a drop but Woods decided to make it fall a little farther away from the hole than necessary. So he signed an incorrect scorecard. He simply wanted to make sure that he didn’t repeat the mistake. He was not disqualified though.

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